Tuesday, August 6, 2013

TEACHERS' Training

Modules for Teachers Training –   
2 to 3 days – WORKSHOP 
(Highly Interactive Mode)


2 LOVE(s)
Teachers are to have / must cultivate love 
- towards the subject 
- towards the students
This is possible with examples - learning through great teachers. Seeing them / at least on Video / Film. See the passionate teachers and learn.

5 Cs
It is very easy and simple to be a Normal Teacher
The risk is heavy and irreparable as Teachers are playing with future of many. 

To be a great teacher - 5Cs are must. Could vary this ability low to high from one to another. But Can copy by Collaborating.

CHOICE - We are Wired for Free Will
COLLABORATION - Being Social as we are social Being
COMMUNICATION -  it makes all the difference to be to the point
CRITICAL THINKING - Problem Solving - Hit the right Place - Be Smart - Fast
CREATIVITY  - a Uniquely Human Pleasure -Once you are - U can make it all over in different places 

Effective / Affective Teaching

Teaching is an art. Knowing to whom you are teaching is more important than what you are teaching; goes the saying. Teaching is an art of communication and it ends only when the student learn. Special methods of teaching and evaluation of the self-teaching skill is the core of the session. Makes teachers to realize the nobility of the profession and create interest in teaching. Suggested methods will ease the job and make it (a)effective. Teaching comes from the heart. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Efficient Learning
Learning makes a human different than an animal. A lot among the human are average learners. Capability to learn is not much being used by many of the learners. Students spent lot of time unnecessary instead of using it for creative activity. Session makes the students to realize that time being invested today is important for building up a life of tomorrow. Provides clues for making learning interesting. Studies with concentration and exam preparation are enjoyable and group activity is encouraged. Session helps students to create confidence. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Art of Parenting & Counselling

Many are parent by accident. Maturity is not that one gains from experience in handling problems; it is the state of mind to be set for facing problems. Early experience of child makes planning for future life. Immature dealings from the early parenthood and lack of attention are a big issue among the children. Parents can’t run away from the responsibility by finding excuse of working and lack of time after earning for the future. Balancing profession and parenting is an issue most of the family, especially women faces these issues days. Session discusses the day-to-day handling of the issues to the major plans to be adapted. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

E-  & Adaptive:: Learning
From Text to Animation / Simulation through Video, Audio are the ways of making the class more with E-Content and Re-Usable Repository of Learning Objects. DrTPS authored a Text on Adaptive Learning and the Session will be more into the Creative part of Teaching and Practical Demonstration on the Teaching Technology.

Creating Higher Dreams
Aim of individuals is shaped by the neighbourhood he is brought up. Lot of dependency is in the interpersonal relationships and shaping of an individual in a country to create citizens for the nation is very essential. Teachers has a major role to play in directing students in the right path.  What one dream is what they see around and environment in which they are involved. Skill and Opportunity can be attained; only if the attitude is set in the upbringing. Teachers are role models for the children. There is no student / youth who is not influenced by a teacher. Subject liking by students and its learning skills are governed by the teacher who influence them.

To reflect on our own selves and our current Practices
To identify our strengths and weaknesses
To get sensitized to the opportunities and threats ahead
To fine-tune ourselves to the new demands
To get re-organized and re-vitalized

The present scenario…
Age of commerce: Utilitarian values
                                  Product/service paradigm
                                       Consumer orientation
Globalization : Transnationalization of  
                           education - Open competition
Information revolution: Cyber/virtual universities

Quality revolution: Benchmarks for survival
Transformation of roles
Teachers as originators of knowledge
Teachers as masters/interpreters
Teachers as facilitators
Teachers as process managers/leaders


INPUTS                                                     PROCESS                                OUTPUTS

MONEY                                                                                                         GRADUATES  WITH
INFRASTRUCTURE                             TEACHING                             KNOWLEDGE                              
TECHNOLOGY                                       LEARNING                            SKILLS
KNOWLEDGE                                                                                           VALUES
HUMANRESOURCE                                                                                 COMMITMENT


Characteristics of Effective Behaviour Managers
1.    Respect their own strengths and weaknesses as those of their students.
2.    Understand that social-emotional growth is a never-ending process.
3.    Clearly communicate rules, goals, and expectations.
4.    Respond to behaviors consistently and predictably.
5.    Discriminate between issues of responsibility and problem   ownership.
6.    Exhibit high degrees of empathy and self-efficacy

Roles to Perform
        Informational Roles
        Interpersonal Roles
        Decisional Roles

Informational Roles
Monitorscanning the environment for 
     new knowledge, trends, changes, etc.
Disseminator: imparting curriculum, 
    sharing insights and experiences               
Evaluatorcontinuously evaluating the 
    learning process, giving objective feedback.

Personal values
Openness to new ideas
Personalized relationships


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