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Manage LIFE

My Method - You Prepare
I do not teach academically. People need to relax and have an enjoyable experience and try things out for themselves in order not just to learn effectively, but also to be able to put what they have learned into effect.
I believe in an attitude of curiosity, openness and adventure, and a way of being able to find out what works in people's minds in order for them to be able to get the best out of life. As each person is different, I enable each one to discover what works best for them.
Therefore get ready with questions for us to discuss. Make it more interactive. Let the learning with me be more of experiential rather than academic.
In Organizational Behaviour, the three components are Self, Team and Organizational System. The Human element in this aspect is the Self and the Team. Human is important because the Organizational System is evolved by the performance of the individuals over a period of time.
Self is flow through Motivation, Confidence, Values, Stress, Time etc..
The Team / Group is managed by the Communication Skill and Inter Personal Relationship etc.
Motivation & Personal Confidence
Any Performance depends on the Motivation, Skill and the Opportunity. The opportunity and the Skill are very much dependent on the Motivation and Personal Confidence.
All of us are motivated externally and internally if and have confidence, though all of us could probably benefit from being more motivated and confident in at least some situations. True confidence is based on knowing that you can achieve what you need and want to, and also, very importantly, being able to deal with challenging situations in a resourceful and positive way. It means that instead of being at the mercy of our emotions, we can have our emotions supporting us.
• Feel Good!
• Manage the mind to creates good feelings and moods
• Deal with negative emotions
• Manage Stress
• Prevent, defuse and overcome tension
• Detach from and rise above problems
• Build confidence and
• Motivate yourself.
Stress Management
Many believe that their job is extremely stressful and that their work related stress was making them physically ill. Stress has been specifically implicated in heart disease, eating disorders, stroke, insomnia, ulcers, accident proneness, cancer, decreased immunity, chronic headaches, diabetes, depression, substance abuse, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. In fact, estimates are that 50 to 80% of all physical disorders have psychosomatic or stress related origins.
The personal and interpersonal management skills are foundation to the coping strategies to overcome stress.
Major issue for stress is bad time management (As commonly said). But it is not Time that is to be managed and neither stress. The management of activity will lower tension and prevent the risk.
For those often essential individuals who have put too much effort for too long into what they sensed was vital activity; pushing themselves beyond the threshold of efficiency are bound to have stress / tension. Burnout does not happen to those who are never committed.
Have stressed people in the organization. Enable them to relax. So that they can far more rapidly recuperate their energies. Once they are recovered, help them re-asses their vision, review their strategies, learn new responses and regain their enthusiasm to take on their tasks more satisfyingly and efficiently.
Communication Skills & Inter Personal Relationship
One may have to interact with dissatisfied, frustrated, irate, disgruntled, impatient and sometimes abusive people around him.
It is not just enough dealing in demanding situations with other people, it is also getting people to trust you, to feel good about you and to feel wonderful themselves. It is about being able to see the other person's point of view in a way that makes it far easier to get them to see yours. It is about being able to encourage, inspire and motivate others to assist you in getting what you want in a way that also gets them what they want.
Good Skill is the mastery over
• The subtle secrets of rapport
• Getting people's attention
• Respectful assertiveness and how to take over the lead
• Handling difficult people
• How to detach and avoid taking things personally
• How to see things from the other person's point of view
• Put your own point of view across more effectively, but politely
• Create a 'Win-Win' situation,
• Willing to be unreasonable.
• How to make people feel good
• Inspire and motivate others
• Simple skills on letter / word / telephone / email / sms etc.
• Simple yet surprising language patterns
• Better communication / clean and clear words
• Reading people
• Clarifying communication
• Why people assume so much and how to constructively challenge their assumptions
• The structure and language of influence
• Body Language
Each and every individual in the organization have to feel to raise from existence through recognition to growth. Feel for the increase in effectiveness of the organization, so that the best of the resource can satisfy the needs of the organization for which it is created. Concern should be on performance improvement, capacity development and adaption to the changing environment. Methods of yester years are inadequate for problems of tomorrow.

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CONTENT - brief

Dr T P Sasikumar
LIFE Mentor, Educationalist
Thought Leader

- SCIENTIST, Space Department
- DIRECTOR, UGC Academic Staff College - Calicut University
- PRINCIPAL DIRECTOR, Government of India

+919447437948 /

Content of the Sessions (2 Hours) + 1 Hour Interaction on each of the modules.
LARGE audience & Long Sessions - minimum a full day
Is a LiFe Learning Activity with DrTPS

Dr T P Sasikumar has handled thousands of lectures / workshops on varied topics across variety of audience from Trivandrum through Chennai, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Pune to Delhi. Visited UAE, Oman for series of lectures.

So far spoke to more than
10 lakh of youth (students) /
8 Lakhs of teachers and
5  Lakhs of public.

The sessions are lively lectures (power-point presentation – optional) but will have powerful points - with jokes to make it lighter, eastern quotes in slokas to stress the point into the heart (manas) of the participants. Seldom activities to relate it to the daily life are the specialty.

Most of the academic institutions teach subjects for exams and certificates. And many students feel learning without teachers / tuitions / coachingnis impossible. Whole life learning is a great task and burden to put hard work for success.

DrTPS makes it simple and easy with fun and enjoyment - he takes you through learning skills that makes everyone to enjoy learning. If is not subjects but the objective, logic and the reason and scope that binds the students to the subject of learning.  Method of learning is learned then any subject will be loved by students. The magic is any student apraches to DrTPS with a difficult subject he make it most interesting.

As a doctor DrTPS takes care of the children. Patting and prescribing with exact dose required, it is a diagnosis based prescription to the children. Tests and examinations are pathological requirements and students will love to get examination with enjoyment.

Group and socia skill based learning is the long term focused human and social skill development along with learning skill - this is the underlying principles on with learning skill development programs are made.

Destination IAS
DIAS is a brain child of DrTPS. He aims at children from grade 8-12 for their IAS (Immediate Academic Success) towards aspiring - inspiring - Success.
There are good dreamers and bad learners. Change them as to dream as they grow and reach the highest with best basic learning skills developed with all time best performers.
Ultimate is to create IAS - Intelligent All-time Successful persons with 360 degree growth.
Civil Service naturally will be the best option for these cream.

Mission CSAT
This is a plan developed for college students.
As they travel through their graduation - 3 to 6 years - they forget all the basic knowledge and alround development they had during school days. Youth became useless and directionless due to the misconceived specialisation and professional degree they got and neither got a professional touch nor enjoyed learning to fit for a Masters in their subject. Lost in Life though they did very well in schools.
Continuous mentoring for thei overall development of vision and mission towards a life and career building with strog
Logical reasoning
Analytical skill
Personality development
Communication - both parapherising and public speaking ability
Critical thinking and innovative skills
Problem solving ability
Social skills
Towards a Civil Service with a Decipline of a Military Sense of Behavior building

Civil Service
True and dedicated trading / guidance / direction for self preparation for Civil Service

Goal-Role-Value Setting
The desire, relation, being a social being are the articulates of a well-balanced human being. The session provides the self-evaluation exercise and then makes the participants realize that the goal needs to be sharpened to perform well. The interpersonal relationship aspects are stressed. Motivation and dharmic (value based) living is inculcated into the participants. Helps to generates good attitude, more productivity, better working relationship.

Time / Activity Management
Talks about the LIFE accounts. Managing time is impossible as the time is not in our control. The session will guide one to manage the activity. Exercise of time accountability is to make one realize the wasted life / time. This brings in a new time scheduling skill with activities in life. Life is filled with 200% busy schedules so that no time is left for one to think. Only action will make the moments of joy to recollect and rejoice in the days ahead.

Stress / Tension Management
Stress is essential part of performance. The stress building is the aim of progress in life. Every one as they grow higher in life, acquires more and more comfort, ads stress in life. The session throws light on managing the stress and limiting it to the highest level, so that tension is not created. Stress is productive and tension is non-productive. No-Problem will be the catch phrase in the session with which the tension is out and stress is build-up to be highly productive. Options of solutions are drawn to create activity.

Mind Control / Mind Management
Mind (manas) is the cause of all the activity and non-activity. Manas is the enemy and friend too. The session takes on through the Ramayana and Gita lessons of Vasishta and Krishna on the control of mind to take-up the karma (activity) in hand. Deals with the methods of life to be made simple and cheerful. Examples are drawn to illustrate the conflicts in daily life between the manas and buddhi (intellect) and the atma (spirit) that gets into the consensus activity and keeps us active / dull. The tips and tricks of mind control will be illustrated.

Personality Development
The personality is understood to be the overall development in five-folds – viz, physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual. The session brings in the lessons from the traditional bharatheeya knowledge of this five-fold development. As a grahastha (family person) the reality is taken into fold in defining the balanced life style. Thus the personality is redefined to fit the application into the profession, family and the social life.

Confidence Building
Attitude is the core of activity setting. Lessons are being told to make one with highly motivated plans in life. It is seen many times that the practical aspects of circumstances and the skill are not considered while the attitude is set. This brings in the failure rate and depression in highly motivated people. The balancing of the skill, opportunity and the motivation is done with an evaluation of individuals’ confidence. The measure of the confidence will create the innovative process of self-realization and preparing for the better performance.

Communication Skill
The actualization of the interpersonal relationship / indriya (sense organs) performance is the communication process. Communication is understood as the internal process. Internal Conflict and Ego created inhibitions are dealt. The basic step from data collection to presentation is explained with example exercise. Most common known communication practices are taught involving all the participants in exercises.

Being Better
Better is a comparative statement. Many a times the comparison is done with the external / out-side. Individual performance is assessed based on the performance of the other around us. The session makes the participants to realize that individual progress is to be measured with the performance of how and what one has been in the past and how is the future.

Self Discipline
Most of the people have aversion on receiving advices. One has to learn from the experiences to correct and learn the ways in life. Most of the experiences are useless as the realization in life comes delayed. The aim of the session is to make one to understand that life is to enjoy. But never should have the reason to say ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have done it’. Activity that is imposed by self to make the life in line with society will be always appreciated. Imposed by the external parameters is always a burden. Session makes the participants enjoy the beauty of self-discipline.

Effective / Affective Teaching
Teaching is an art. Knowing to whom you are teaching is more important than what you are teaching; goes the saying. Teaching is an art of communication and it ends only when the student learn. Special methods of teaching and evaluation of the self-teaching skill is the core of the session. Makes teachers to realize the nobility of the profession and create interest in teaching. Suggested methods will ease the job and make it (a)effective. Teaching comes from the heart. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Efficient Learning
Learning makes a human different than an animal. A lot among the human are average learners. Capability to learn is not much being used by many of the learners. Students spent lot of time unnecessary instead of using it for creative activity. Session makes the students to realize that time being invested today is important for building up a life of tomorrow. Provides clues for making learning interesting. Studies with concentration and exam preparation are enjoyable and group activity is encouraged. Session helps students to create confidence. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Art of Parenting
Many become parent by accident. Maturity is not that one gains from experience in handling problems. It is the state of mind to be set for facing the problems. Early experience of the child makes planning for future life. Immature dealings from the early parenthood and lack of attention are a big issue among the children. Parents can’t run away from the responsibility by finding excuse of working and lack of time after earning for the future. Balancing profession and parenting is an issue most of the family, especially women faces these days. Session discusses the day-to-day handling of the issues to the major plans to be adapted. 30 points to students and 20 points to teachers and parents are being followed by many.

Life Style / Healthy Practices
Most of the time leading life is a day-to-day activity and nothing is planed around what is in future. Enjoying / being lazy everyday is maintained without much care on what is really wanted to be done. It is not the lack of knowledge of the best practices in life at par and in food particular, but life becomes mechanical and unnoticed in its course. Session makes the eyebrows up to analyse the self and provides the scope for retrospection. Provides hints for planning life style / health practices according to individuals choice and circumstances.

Understanding spirituality have its ways through guru / rituals / religious practices / etc. Most of the time the seeker do not reach the next level as the path itself is seen as the end result. Session defines and distinguishes the conceived spirituality and the realized understanding. Talks about science of spirituality.

Science of Rituals
India is known for its preservation of the past rituals. Most of the Indian tradition had science in it. Session scientifically-philosophically-socially-spiritually analyses many of the traditional chanting, practices in poojas / rituals, yaga / yajna (scarifies) etc. Getting educated and learning confirms the belief and helps to look at the rituals more meaningfully. Blind faith and practices are replaced by more realistic and useful.

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OTHER PUBLIC Lectures Venues / Organizations

Paramekkavu Agrasala, Trichur
Theertha-pada-mandapam, TVM
Shiva Prakash Sabha Hall, TVM
Aradhana Auditorium, Guruvayyor
Mandoor Community Hall, Malappuram
Ganga Auditorium, Kottakkal
Public Hall, Alappuzha
Arshajnanothsavam, Darbar Hall Ground, Kochi
TDM Hall, Kochi
Alshafi hall, Pavaratty, Guruvayoor
Ananthapuram, Trichur
Kausthubham Auditorium Hall, Trichur
Town Hall, Irinjalakuda, Trichur
Alakapuri Auditoruim, Calicut
Praja Bhavan, Sivarampally
Lab Quarters, Kanjanbagh
Swarna Andhra Phase-I, Ammuguda
Meeting Hall, Defence Lab Quarters
Thyagaraja Gana Sabha
Vedic Vignana Vedika, Bag Lingampalli
Geetha Bhavan, Avvai Shanmugham Road, Gopalapuram
Karim Nagar
NCST/DST, MAS, Pragna Bharati

Times of India – AURA POWER
ASIANET-TV – Spiritual Energy
AIR, Trivandrum – VASTHU
AIR, Calicut - Remote Sensing, BIORHYTHM
MATHRUBHOOMY – Scientific Analysis on VASTHU
PUNYABHOOMI – Bharatheeya Sasthram
KESARI – Kailas Yathra
Press Club, Calicut

Astronomical Society, Calicut, Kerala
Institute of Chartered Accountants India, Mysore
Institution of Architectures, Mysore
Institution of Engineers, Mysore
Press Club, Calicut
Indo German nachkontakt Association, NGRI
Indian Society of Analytical Scientists, IICT
Andhra Pradesh Geographical Society, Survey of India
Indian Council of Cultural Research
Women Scientists Association
Study Circle, Osmania University

College of defense Management – Officer’s Mess
National Institute of Rural Development
National Institute of Nutrition
Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
National Geophysical Research Institute
Semiconductor Complex, RCI,DRDO
Regional Science Centre, Calicut

Kerala Research Programme, Centre for development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram

Orrissa Power Consortium, Khairathabad
Wipro, Madhapur
Virtues Software Ltd., Above Life Style, Begampet
ASTER Commun. Ltd., ECIL X Road
Head office, State Bank of Hyderabad, Abids
SBH Zonal Office, Kachiguda
CMC, Alapuzha

State Bank of Travancore Statue Branch, Thiruvananthapuram

Canara Bank, Konothkunnu, Irinjalakuda

CLUB / Associations
Srishti Art Gallery, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
Mathru Samithi, Gayathri Nagar, Hyderabad
Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad
IKBANA International, Hyderabad
Natana Kairali, Irinjalakuda
Lions Club, Palghat
Rotary Clubs, Hyderabad & Secunderabad

Vivekananda Kendra, Hyderabad / Kodungalore, Kerala
Matha Amruthananda Mayi Mat - Ernakulam, Mascut, Kannur
Sri Sri Ravi Sankar Group, Dubai, Irinjalakuda
CHITRAPUR BRAHMINA SABHA, Hyderabad / Warrier samajam, Hyderabad / Pisharoti Samajam, Dubai
Namboothiri Group – Dubai / Hyderabad
SNDP – Muscat / NSS - Irinjalakuda, Mascut, Velangalore /
REIKI Healers - Muscat , Hyderabad / Bruno-Grouning, Hyderabad
Bharatheeya Vignan Parishath, Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad / THAPASYA, Irinjalakuda

Guruvayoorappan Temple, Bagh Ambarpet
Ayyappa Temple, Kamalanagar
Oorakam Temple, Trichur
Koodal Manikyam Temple, Irinjalakuda
Kattungal Sree Rudira Mala Temple, Chazhoor
Keezhthani Vishnu Temple, Trichur
Kadalayil, Chirakkal, Kannur
Muneeswaran Kovil, Kannur
Ayyappan Kav, Naduvil, Kannur
Muthappan Temple, Kannadiparambe
Ayyappa Bhajan Mandir, South Nikethan
Utharaguruvayoorappan Temple, Mayoor Vihar
Ayyappa Temple, Pushpa Vihar
Ayyappa Temple, RK puram
Devi Temple (Pongala Site), Najafgarh
Egmore Ayyappa Temple
Mahalingapuram Ayyappa Temple

Other States + Kerala (A few - samples)

JC College of Engineering
Ramakrishna Mat
JSS Public School
Karim Nagar
Veda Vani School
NSS National Integration Camp, Kakathiya University, Uni. PG College, LMD, Karimnagar
Chennai / Madras
Vivekanantha School, Thambaram
Sitadevi garodia hindu vidyalaya, Tambaram
Dehra Dun
Indian Institute of remote Sensing
Brahmaswam Madam Veda Vidyalaya, Trichur
Malabar Christian College, Calicut
Mayyil Institute of Tech, Kannur
Mahathma Gandhi Uni. Centre, Malappuram
Payyanur College
Vidya Vihar, Malappuram, Calicut
Agricultural University, Trichur

KERALA University - Academic Staff College / Future Studeis Department / Computer Science Department
Cochin Unversity - Environment / Photonics
Kannur University - Computer / Geography / Management / Anthropology
Calicut - Education / English / Women Studies / Library etc.

150 Colleges + above 100 Schools in Kerala

Noida - IMA - Journalism Department

Kerala Schools in Delhi at Vikaspuri / R K Puram / Mayur Vihar Phase 3.

HYDERABAD - Academic Institutions Lectured (a Few)

Academic Staff College, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU)
CBIT, Gandipet
Central University
Centre for Spatial & Information Technology, JNTU
College of Hotel Management, Jubilee Hills
Mahila College, Koti
MNR College, Kukkatpally
NSKK, Balanagar
Sai Sudheer PG College, ECIL X Road
St. Ann’s School, Lab Quarters,
St. Anns Women’s College
Training Centre, State Bank of Hyderabad
Vidya Dayani Model School, Chandrayanagutta
Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence, Ramakrishna Mat
Shanthinikethan Residential School, Shameerpet
GN Institute of Tech. & Sc. (for women), Shaikpet
Arora Engineering College
Arora PG College
BVB, Jubilee Hills
Colege of Women, Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya, Exhibition Grounds
ECIL/DAE Central School, ECIL
Janapriya School, Miyapur
National Service Scheme, Osmania University
National, RK Nagar, Malkajgiri
New Keets College, Alagappa Nagar, Ambalore, Trichur
St. Ann’s Women’s College, Mehdipatnam
St. Francis College, Begumpet
St. Gabrial HS, Uppal
Vedic Vidyalaya, Seethafalmandi
Vidya Dayini Group of Schools, Kanjanbagh
Commerce department, Osmania University

A few Venues ABROAD

Art of living group
Friends of Yoga, Badri Building
Samithi, Panchakarma Yoga Chikitsa Kendram
Sindhi Hall, Bur Dubai
Sathsang, Jebel Ali
Sathsang, Ghusais
Marco Polo Hotel, Vidya Group, Deira

Millennium School, Ghusais
Delhi Private School, Jebel Ali
Gulf Model School, Ghusais
Varkey Int. Private School, Alquose

Adhyathmik Samithy, Singapore Plaza
Satsang, Hotel Auditorium
Adhyathmika Samithi

Indian School
Our Own School
Temple Hall
Temple Hall
Pisharoty group, Lima House, Darsait
SNDP Group, Gala
NSS Office, Ruwi
NSS Group
Sathsang, Wadi Kabir
Sathsang, Ruwi
Divine Spark+ISKON Group, Ruwi

Indian School, Darsait
Pranic Healers Group, Muscat Pharmacy, Ruwi
Indian School, Wadi Kabir


Office Staff
General Public
Temple / Devotees
Software Professionals
Inter-faith Groups
Home - Sath Sangs


Karim Nagar


Indian Scientific Heritage
Indian Culture, Religion, Spirituality
Remote Sensing / Mapping / Space Activities
Information Technology, Education and Societal Impacts
Healing, Energy, Geo-biology (VASTHU) , Biorhythm, Astrology, etc..
Yoga, Pranayama, Surya Namaskara, Food Practices,


Stereo Image Processing
Optical Remote Sensing
Soft Copy Photogrammetry
DEM from Space Images
Issues in Mapping from Space
Mapping from Space
Natural Resource Management using Space Images
Remote Sensing
Mathematics in Image Processing


Value Education,
Moral – Cultural - and Sociological Impact of Education
Youth Role in Nation Building
Concentration & Preparing for Exams
Goal/Role/Value Setting
Efective and Affective Learning & Teaching
Learn & Teach from Heart
Learn & Teach through Better Communication
Active and Adaptive Learning & Teaching


Indian Scientific Heritage
Science & Religion
Science of Life
Indian Science : Vedic Food System
Indian Scientific & Technological Heritage
Energy in Life / Flowers / Yaga / Manthra
Sthapathyaveda - Vasthu
Dynamics Vasthu
Ganesa – the Symbol
Temple and God – Symbols & Power
Indian Culture & Heritage


LIFE Plaaning
Mind Control & Management
Personality Development
Art of Parenting
Teenage management


Knowledge management
Conflict & Stress management
Strategic management
Disaster Management
Time/Activity Management
Project Management
Facility ManagementMan Management